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January 18, 2012 by Doug Napolitano-Cremin

So, for some reason, despite having a seemingly never-ending list of things to do, I have decided to sign up to the Ed Tech Creative Collective project. Before telling you why I am a glutton for punishment, here is a bit of background about the collective…

The ETCC is a project being organised by Colin Maxwell (@camaxwell) a digital media lecturer at Carnegie College in Scotland. The idea of the project is to complete a number of ‘assignments’ that will help you to develop your creative use of digital technologies. A much better description of the objectives of the project can be found at the Ed Tech Creative Collective blog.

Back to the question as to why I have decided to take part in the project. I am greatly interested in the use of technology in education. As a teacher, I try many different tools and strategies to enhance learning in my lessons. I also try to mirror the learning behaviour I would like my pupils to develop. I regularly have conversations with my pupils about what they are learning in other subjects, and also discuss with pupils what I have learnt during the week. Pupils often teach me as much as I am able to teach them!

I felt that this project would be an excellent opportunity to develop my knowledge of the technology that is available out there, and also to develop my creative talents!

I am already late with the preliminary task (this blog post was meant to be written by 17th Jan!) but hopefully I can catch up, learn a few things and put these in to practice in the classroom. Will update the blog with the outcomes of the project as I go along!


One thought on “Ed Tech Creative Collective

  1. Lisa Ashes says:

    Oooo this sounds like fun!


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