Going SOLO! (Part 2) – A Plea for Help.

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February 24, 2012 by Doug Napolitano-Cremin

So I have been ‘Going SOLO’ for a few months now. After introducing the concept to one class initially (see previous ‘Going SOLO!’ post) I have continued my reading and started to develop ideas as to how I will embed SOLO in to my schemes of work.

My exploration of SOLO taxonomy has coincided nicely with the start of the second year of the MA Education course. The second year of the course is entitled ‘Action Research for School Improvement’. I am keen to use my SOLO work as the basis for my action research. The provisional title of the research I am planning is:

‘An investigation into the impact of the use of SOLO taxonomy as a teaching and learning model on the learning experience of pupils’.

This is a deliberately broad title. I aim to focus on how the use of SOLO impacts on pupil engagement and pupil perception of their own ability. There are a number of aspects of the research I still need to investigate and plan but I hope to get underway soon!

So here comes the plea for help! Part of the research will involve looking at how SOLO can be used in subjects other than my own (Science!). I am looking for people who are either currently using SOLO taxonomy with one or more of their classes, or are thinking of introducing SOLO to a class. Once the final design of the research has been finalised, I would hope to work with a few other teachers on collecting some data. Anyone willing to offer some help will use SOLO in any way that they think is best with their own classes. For my research I would just need some information on how SOLO was introduced to pupils and how it is regularly used. I would also require pupils to complete questionnaires about their experiences of using SOLO.

I am hoping that this research could be refined and published at a later date so that the SOLO model can be used by more teachers. I really see this as a collaborative project with other teachers rather than MY work for my MA!

So…if you think you could help, or know of anyone else who would be interested, it would be great to hear from you. You can contact me via twitter (@sciteachcremin) or by emailing me: dwcremin@gmail.com.

For an introduction to SOLO check out the following AMAZING resources I have been using:

SOLO in English – Lisa Jane Ashes

SOLO expert! – Tait Coles

SOLO oracle – Pam Hook



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