The Compton ASE TeachMeet

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June 25, 2012 by Doug Napolitano-Cremin

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting a TeachMeet at the school in which I currently work. It was a TeachMeet with a twist – an exclusive event limited to Science teachers! We had a small but engaged crowd attend, and there were representatives from StemNet and the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Despite the difficulties in publicising the event, and in attracting presenters and lurkers, it was fantastic to see a buzz of conversation at the end of the night. Everyone involved hopefully left with at least one worthwhile idea they would like to use in their own classrooms.

I have included below the three main presentations delivered on the night:

‘An NQT’s Wishlist’ was delivered by S. Groves & C. Davis. This was a great presentation from two excellent teachers coming to the end of their NQT year. It gave plenty of food for thought and is definitely a presentation that is going to be widely shared:

The Compton ASE TeachMeet – An NQT’s Wishlist

View more PowerPoint from sciteachcremin

J. Hancock delivered a brilliant presentation giving an introduction to the rewards/sanctions system Class Dojo:

The Compton ASE TeachMeet – Class Dojo

View more PowerPoint from sciteachcremin

The beginning of the evening was kicked of by yours truly. I delivered a short introduction to SOLO Taxonomy…

The Compton ASE TeachMeet – SOLO Taxonomy

View more PowerPoint from sciteachcremin

I would thoroughly recommend teachers either attend or host a TeachMeet. Whether it be subject-specific or a general TeachMeet, they are great opportunities to pick up new ideas and network with like-minded colleagues. To find out more information about TeachMeets visit the TeachMeets Website.

Thank you to Frances Evans from the ASE ( for her help in organising and hosting the ASE TeachMeet at The Compton School.


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